Saitama International Association

Message from the Chairperson


Now, people, goods, money, and information has been flying around the earth with a vengeance. People exchanges across borders is only deepening. However, on the other hand, the conflict is being waged in a different form to the various figure in many parts of the world, it has continued to bring grief to us.


There are those long been internationalization is advocated in Japan. Since its establishment in 1987 Saitama International Association has been working in various activities with the aim of Saitama Prefecture, who headed the world and ties. In April 2013 we have moved to the Foundation. We strive to contribute to the promotion of the internationalization of Saitama Prefecture, more than ever.


Mix up deeply with people around the world, and reach out a helping hand to those who are facing a difficult situation, “International exchange and international cooperation”. To support the local community with foreigners living in the prefecture, and aims to go walking together, “Multicultural”. Foster human resources that can be internationally active to play tomorrow, “Development of global human resources”. Currently We are working these three business pillars.


In 2020 it will be held Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic. Towards the year to be a very big opportunity for the internationalization of Japan and Saitama Prefecture, Our staff Everyone, together with more force than ever, will continue to strive mutual understanding and as the friendship deepens with people around the world.


             Saitama International Association Chairperson
                         Shiigi Takao