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For foreign residents

Saitama Information & Support

We conducted a consultation and information provided by a foreign language.


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Response time

Every Monday through Friday(Except holidays, December 29 to January 3) 9:00 to 16:00



Free legal consultation for foreigners

Marriage, divorce and immigration and residence, in order to respond to inquiries from foreign nationals that require incidents, legal advice, such as labor issues, we are doing a reservation intermediation of foreign free legal consultation carried out every Friday Saitama Bar Association.


In addition, in cooperation with the Saitama Bar Association Foreign Centre for Human Rights Steering Committee, we are also performed foreigners Free legal consultation by lawyers dispatched to the Association.



Aid for disaster

We will help the foreigners opened a disaster multilingual information center at the time of the big disaster. We also held a seminar to learn about disaster assistance.



Guidance on entering HS

For children and their parents who are not native speakers of Japanese, we have held a high school guidance that contents such as briefings and consultations on the high school entrance exam.



Japanese classes

Citizen volunteers has held the Japanese support classroom for foreigners who are living and residence in Saitama Prefecture.



Translation business

Saitama Information & Support is doing such as marriage certificate translation.



Multilingual information site

This page offers the necessary information on the lives of foreign residents in multiple languages.



Housing and medical information

Housing and medical information for foreign residents has been posted on the Saitama Prefecture Homepage.

Real estate agents supporting foreigners

In order to carry out the offer and advice of information to foreigners who are in need of information about the residence, Saitama Prefecture has been registered the real estate agent that interested in helping to look for foreign residence, as real estate agents supporting foreigners.



Medical institutions that can respond in a foreign language

You can search the medical institutions that can respond in a foreign language in Saitama Prefecture.