Saitama International Association

Business summary

International exchange and international cooperation

Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Network

For public organizations and private organizations to exchange information and cooperate activities while taking advantage of each of the functions and features, we will have to operate a ‘Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Network’.



Volunteer registration

We have the registration system of interpretation and translation volunteers and Homestay Volunteer. On the basis of the request, such as from public institutions of Saitama Prefecture, we are introduced and dispatched volunteers registered.



Sai-no-Kuni Saitama International Cooperation Fund

We issue a grant for the international cooperation activities (overseas support activities and the prefecture activities) in Saitama Prefecture of NGO.



Recycling of material and equipment

We offer through NGO in Saitama Prefecture, the used materials and equipment such as ambulances and fire trucks held by Saitama Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture municipalities in developing countries.With this activity, we have provided assistance to developing countries as well as revitalize the NGO activities.



International fair

Gathering to bring together the international exchange and international cooperation organizations of Saitama Prefecture, perform activities such as introduction and foreign sale of goods.Presentation of folk dance of the world will be performed on stage.




Saitama Information & Support

We conducted a consultation and information provided by a foreign language.



English Spanish Chinese Portuguese Hangul (Korean) Tagalog Thai Vietnamese


Response time

Every Monday through Friday(Except holidays, December 29 to January 3) 9:00 to 16:00



Guidance on entering HS

For children and their parents who are not native speakers of Japanese, we have held a high school guidance that contents such as briefings and consultations on the high school entrance exam.



Aid for disaster

We will help the foreigners opened a disaster multilingual information center at the time of the big disaster. We also held a seminar to learn about disaster assistance.




In order to provide the first information that is required for people of foreign nationality that had to live new in Saitama Prefecture,We are issuing the information paper quarterly in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.



Development of global human resources

Saitama Center for Go Global Students

Japanese foreign students and foreign students of the University of Saitama Prefecture, we are helping to total until after study abroad from the previous study.



Global Talent Network Saitama

We have operated a network for global human resources and companies, organizations and universities in Saitama prefecture exchange information and exchange with each other. With this activity, we proceed international business development, industrial development, promotion of international exchange and international cooperation with the construction of a multicultural society. It will contribute to the globalization of Saitama Prefecture.



Global Seminar for high school students

We have been holding international understanding seminars for high school students that he is expected as a global human resources.



“Sekai-eno-tobira (Doors to the World)”

In order to carry out the lessons of international understanding, and to foster global human resources to act in thought on a global perspective, we have dispatched a lecturer of foreign residents, the original members of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, volunteer involved in NGO activities. in educational institutions, such as Saitama Prefecture of elementary and junior high schools and community centers.