Saitama International Association

For Foreign Residents

Information for Foreign Residents


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Saitama Information & Support

We provide consultation and information in multiple languages for foreign residents.
Consultations are offered on everyday living, as well as labor, immigration and legal matters.


Also basically upon request from municipality, hospitals or other public institutions in Saitama prefecture, we provide intermediary interpretation services between the staff of those institutions and foreign residents over the phone. 


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Free Legal Consultation for Foreigners

In order to respond to inquiries from foreigners who need legal advice regarding such as marriage / divorce, immigration / residence, incidents / accidents, or labor issues, we provide appointment intermediation for free legal consultation for foreigners conducted by the Saitama Bar Association.


In addition, in cooperation with the Saitama Bar Association, we also provide free legal consultation for foreigners by lawyers dispatched from the association.

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Coronavirus Hotline for Foreign Residents

We have started a hotline specific to COVID-19 for foreign residents in Saitama prefecture to lessen their anxiety and prevent the spread of infection in the area.

The interpreter will help you with language when you need to talk to ‘Saitama COVID-19 Support Center’ or ‘Center for Recent Returnees and Those had Exposed with the Person Infected with COVID-19’.


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Aid for Disaster

When a major disaster occurs, we will open the “Disaster Multilingual Information Center” to help foreigners.
In normal times, we hold training to operate the center in cooperation with municipalities, international associations of municipalities and volunteers.

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Guidance on Entering High School

For children and their guardians who are not native speakers of Japanese, we hold the Guidance on Entering High School that contents such as briefings and consultations on the high school entrance exam.


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Learning Japanese

Information on materials for learning Japanese, and Japanese classes in Saitama Prefecture.


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Official Document Translation (Paid Service)

We will make a translation of official document such as your family register, resident register, or marriage certificate.


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Multilingual Information Site

This page offers the necessary information on the lives of foreign residents in multiple languages.


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Housing and Medical Information

Housing and medical information for foreign residents has been posted on the Saitama Prefecture Homepage.

Real Estate Agents Supporting Foreigners

The Saitama Prefectural Government has registered real estate agents who can help foreigners find a place to live as “あんしん賃貸住まいサポート店 (reliable rental housing store)”, in order to provide information and advice to foreigners who need information about housing.


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Medical Institutions that can Respond in a Foreign Language

You can search the medical institutions that can respond in a foreign language in Saitama Prefecture.


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