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Saitama Center for Go Global Students

Japanese foreign students and foreign students of the University of Saitama Prefecture, we are helping to total until after study abroad from the previous study.


Saitama Center for Go Global Students brochure(PDF file 809KB)



Global Talent Network Saitama

We have operated a network for global human resources and companies, organizations and universities in Saitama prefecture exchange information and exchange with each other. With this activity, we proceed international business development, industrial development, promotion of international exchange and international cooperation with the construction of a multicultural society. It will contribute to the globalization of Saitama Prefecture.



“Sekai-eno-tobira (Doors to the World)”

In order to carry out the lessons of international understanding, and to foster global human resources to act in thought on a global perspective, we have dispatched a lecturer of foreign residents, the original members of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, volunteer involved in NGO activities. in educational institutions, such as Saitama Prefecture of elementary and junior high schools and community centers.



Education for International Understanding Seminar for Teachers

To target teachers and the people who are interested in international understanding education, we will hold a seminar to learn practical ways to incorporate effectively in the classroom, such as a time of comprehensive learning the international understanding education. In this seminar, we can introduce the class to perform invited the workshop techniques and external lecturer.



International cooperation and support vending machine

Some of the sales of international cooperation and support vending machines will be donated to the Sainokuni Saitama International Cooperation Fund to support such international cooperation activities that NGO do. We are looking for companies and organizations who can set up this social contribution type vending machine.