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Japanese Learning Materials

Supplementary materials for “Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese”

We have created a supplementary learning material for foreigners living in Saitama who use the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Japanese language learning site “Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese” at home or in a Japanese language class.

We have picked up the subjects that will trigger communication in life in Saitama.



Download(PDF file 3.44MB)


In addition, you can download the User Manual from the Japanese language learning site of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Please use it together. 


Japanese Language Classes

There are about 120 Japanese language classes supported by citizen volunteers for foreign residents in Saitama Prefecture.



Since most of them are held at public facilities such as public halls and community centers, you can participate by sharing low-priced actual expenses such as textbook fees and venue usage charge.

List of Japanese Language Classes

日本語教室案内 List of Japanese Learning Classes in Saitama Prefecture” (PDF file) published by Saitama Nihongo Network contains various Japanese classes, including those for children and for parents and children together.