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Guidance on Entering High School


In order to support foreign students who do not speak Japanese as their native language to go on to high school, we have issued leaflets about the admission procedure in 7 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese).
In addition, we have held “Guidance on Entering High School” for students and guardians who do not speak Japanese. You can consult with high school teachers at each booth with the help of an interpreter.

(Finished) Guidance on Entering High School 2021

Flyer surface
(PDF 540KB)
Flyer back side
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Date and time

August 7 (Sat)

1st session: 10:30 to 12:30 (Reception 10:00~)
2nd session:  14:00 to 16:00 (Reception 13:30~)



Sonic City Building 4th floor Town Hall(5-minute walk from JR Omiya Station West Exit)


Entry fee


2021 List of Exhibitors

【High School Booths】

  School Name
1  Prefectural Iwatsuki High School (Full Time)
2  Prefectural Kawaguchi Higashi High School (Full Time)
3  Prefectural Soka Minami High School (Full Time)
4  Prefectural Misato Kita High School (Full Time)
5  Prefectural Kawagoe Nishi High School (Full Time)
6  Prefectural Wako International High School (Full Time)
7  Prefectural Toda Shoyo High School (Part-time)
8  Prefectural Koshigaya High School (Part-time)
9  Prefectural Fukiage Shuo High School (Part-time)
10  Prefectural Kawaguchi Technical High School (Part-time)
11  Kawaguchi Municipal High School (Part-time)
12  Private Kokusai Gakuin Junior and Senior High School
13  Private Shumei Eiko High School
14  Private Musashi Ogose High School


【Other Booths】

1  Entrance Exam &  School Life
2  Eligibility for Admission (Junior high school graduation certificate)
3  Scholarship
4  Advice on Learning in Junior High School
5  Japanese Classes
6  General Consultation


Since the consultation time is limited, it is recommended to prepare the contents to be consulted in advance.
(In crowded booths, we may limit the consultation time.)


  • Wear a mask while in the venue.
  • The cap of two people per group applies.
  • If you have any symptoms such as a fever or cough, please refrain from attending.


How to Apply

Applicants should please apply in the URL below until July 27 (Tue).


Alternatively, please specify the student’s name (Furigana), telephone number, grade, country of origin, desired time (session), and whether an interpreter is required (interpretation language *), and apply by fax or email.


*If there are many applicants, we may ask you to change the time of participation.

*Interpreters for English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, easy Japanese, etc. are available. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.


2021 Materials

Guidance leaflet

 ・Japanese version (PDF:298KB)

 ・English version (PDF:278KB)

 ・Chinese version (PDF:308KB)

 ・Spanish version (PDF:283KB)

 ・Portuguese version (PDF:251KB)

 ・Tagalog version (PDF:439KB)

 ・Vietnamese version (PDF:434KB)


Reference on Qualification Certificates (To Applicants who do not graduate from Japan’s junior high school)

 ・Japanese version (PDF:260KB)

 ・English version (PDF:320KB)

 ・Chinese version (PDF:255KB)

 ・Spanish version(PDF:302KB)

 ・Portugues version(PDF:275KB)

 ・Tagalog version(PDF:265KB)

 ・Vietnamese version(PDF:471KB)


Scholarship Materials

 ・Japanese version (PDF:149KB)

 ・English version (PDF:126KB)

 ・Chinese Vesion (PDF:158KB)

 ・Spanish version (PDF:111KB)

 ・Portuguese version (PDF:112KB)

 ・Tagalog version (PDF:135KB)

 ・Vietnamese version (PDF:336KB)


List of guidance sessions for entering high school in Saitama Prefecture

Click here to open the pdf file.



Contact information

Saitama International Association



E-mail:jigyo(a) (Please use “@” instead of “(a)”. The letter after “sia” is the number “1”.)