Saitama International Association

Aid for disaster


When a major disaster occurs, we will open the “Disaster Multilingual Information Center” to help foreigners.
In normal times, we hold training to operate the center in cooperation with municipalities, international associations of municipalities and volunteers.

Disaster Multilingual Information Center

If the Saitama International Association (SIA) determined that it is necessary to support the foreigners when major disaster has occurred in Saitama Prefecture, SIA will set up a “Disaster Multilingual Information Center” in cooperation with the Saitama Prefectural Government.
We will inform you of the opening of the center on our website, social media, etc.

Assumed roles of the Center


  1. Multilingual consultation Make a phone consultation with easy Japanese and multiple languages.
  2. Translation support in response to requests from public institutions Support translation when such as municipalities or hospitals provide information to foreigners.
  3. Provide information in multiple languages Post the information necessary for foreigners (issued by Saitama Disaster Headquarters, etc.) on the website in easy Japanese and multiple languages.